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KERUS: optimizing trial design in silico

This video gives an overview of KERUS an easy to use simulation tool specifically for optimizing design and analysis of research studies
Kerus allows the user to:
1.       Define inter-relationships between multiple factors, outcomes and confounding variables.
2.       Incorporate subgroup effects.
3.       Design smarter studies that can address multiple objectives.
4.       Rapidly generate and evaluate large numbers of scenarios via a user friendly interface.

Introducing KERUS, the innovative simulation platform for designing research studies.

Developed by Exploristics, the new KERUS software allows you to optimize study design, helping you to design a smarter trial, improving the probability of its success.

Uniquely, KERUS allows you to evaluate several interdependent factors, optimizing the study design to address correlated outcomes.  This allows you to suitably power your study prospectively to answer multiple questions, increasing its chance of success.

KERUS is easy to use and provides a flexible platform on which to test an array of study parameters to determine the power required to meet study objectives.  KERUS also gives a realistic assessment of risk based on the extent and certainty of current knowledge by building uncertainty into the simulations.

Therefore, KERUS offers you a powerful software tool capable of advanced simulations to support study design to answer multiple questions using rigorous statistical method.

For more information on KERUS, please visit our website: www.exploristics.com/software