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Managing colorectal cancer patients in the COVID-19 era

The latest Expert Perspective, published by the Video Journal of Biomedicine, brings together the authors of two recent publications in the journal Colorectal Cancer, who provide valuable insights into the multidisciplinary approaches to colorectal cancer management that are needed in the COVID-19 era.

The authors, Dr Matías Chacón, Dr Juan Manuel O’Connor (both Instituto Alexander Fleming, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Dr Benjamin Weinberg (Georgetown University, DC, USA), discuss their articles and recount their own personal experiences using precision medicine tools for making treatment sequencing decisions for their patients with colorectal cancer.

Original publications:

O’Connor JM, Esteso F and Chacón M. Official French SARS-CoV-2 guidelines for cancer patients, a triage solution with precision medicine. Colorectal Cancer. 9(2) (2020).

Marshall JL, Yarden RI and Weinberg BA. Colorectal cancer care in the age of coronavirus: strategies to reduce risk and maintain benefit. Colorectal Cancer. 9(1) (2020).

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