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KERUS™ trial design, optimised

KERUS™ is an innovative software tool for designing research studies, allowing quick convenient optimisation of a wide range of study design parameters. Using KERUS™ does not require a technical knowledge of modelling, as it guides the user through the design process via a simple intuitive interface. Designed to simulate trial scenarios the software can examine multiple correlated outcomes, more closely simulating the complex biological data that can occur within a study. Therefore, KERUS™ offers a statistically rigorous assessment of study design, giving researchers the power to answer multiple questions in a single study.

The overview video demonstrates the features and functionality of the KERUS™ simulation platform. It is the first software to be developed for optimizing the design of research studies with the capability of including correlated outcomes in its study simulations. This video illustrates how easy it is to use KERUS™ to optimise study design in a virtual environment, with the software suitable for a wide range of research studies including those for stratified medicine and subgroup analysis, biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, benefit-risk analysis, diagnostic development, health technology assessment and comparative effectiveness research. With KERUS™, we aim to offer an exceptional software tool that ensures you have the best clinical study available, maximising its chances of success. KERUS™ will give you the confidence to ask more from your study.

This software is provided by Exploristics ltd. To find out more about Exploristics click here.