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Panel discussion: the future of oncology

Tuesday 17 September 2019
07:00 [PDT] 10:00 [EDT] 15:00 [BST]
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We’ve convened seven topic leaders to discuss what the future holds for oncology. Chaired by V. Craig Jordan (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX, USA), the panel discussion focuses on the changing landscape of oncology clinical trials including how we can make trials more patient centric, how we can break down barriers for clinical trials and the role of genomics in advancing cancer.

The panel comprises leading experts in the field: Phil Febbo (Illumina Inc., CA, USA), T.J. Sharpe (Stage IV melanoma survivor), Carla Balch (Inteliquet, TN, USA), Laura Esserman (University of California, San Francisco, UCSF, CA, USA), Jarret Glasscock (CoFactor Genomics, CA, USA) and Edith Mitchell (Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, PA, USA).

The panelists discuss:

• How can we share data in a patient centric way?
• What barriers are there for clinical trials in oncology?
• What area is the most exciting and promising in oncology?

Who may this interest?

• Medical Oncologists
• Surgical Oncologists
• Radiation Oncologists
• Oncology Nurses
• Clinical trial investigators
• Translational cancer researchers
• Researchers/ scientists

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Chaired by:

Craig Jordan

V. Craig Jordan 
OBE, PhD, DSc, Professor, Breast Medical Oncology, and Professor, Molecular and Cellular Oncology,
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc, is recognized for the discovery of the breast cancer prevention properties of tamoxifen, the original selective estrogenreceptor modulator (SERM).
Jordan’s research led to the discovery that raloxifene prevents both osteoporosis and breast cancer. This and tamoxifen are among 5 SERMs approved by the US FDA for a variety of indications, and all 5 drugs (including toremifene, bazedoxifene, and ospemiphene) are connected to basic research in his laboratory.
He devised the translational research strategy of targeting estrogen receptor–positive breast cancer for long-term adjuvant tamoxifen therapy and is credited with the discovery of the scientific principles for adjuvant therapy with antihormones. His work related to SERMs has branched out into the prevention of multiple diseases in women. Jordan is the Dallas/Ft Worth Living Legend Professor of Cancer Research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Phil Febbo

Phil Febbo  
Chief Medical Officer
Illumina Inc. 

Phillip G. Febbo is Chief Medical Officer at Illumina, Inc. For the past 25 years, Febbo has worked at leading institutions throughout the United States, most recently serving as CMO of Genomic Health (NASDAQ:GHDX). Prior to joining Genomic Health, Febbo served as Professor of Medicine and Urology at the University of California, San Francisco, where his laboratory focused on using genomics to understand the biology and clinical behavior of prostate cancer, and his clinical practice focused on genitourinary oncology. While at UCSF, Febbo was the co-leader of the Prostate Cancer Program at the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CA, USA) and the Program Principal Investigator of the Translational Research Program for the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. 

T.J. Sharpe

T.J. Sharpe 
Stage IV Melanoma Survivor 

T.J. Sharpe is a Stage IV melanoma patient who shares his journey through cancer in the Patient #1 Blog on www.philly.com/patient1/, on www.SkinCancer.net, www.oncology-central.com, and on www.NovartisOncology.com.
He was diagnosed in August 2012 with melanoma tumors in multiple organs, only four weeks after his second child was born. Since then, he has undergone six surgeries and four immunotherapy treatments over two different clinical trials. The initial failures, and subsequent complete response, have been chronicled in his blog posts since December 2012. In addition to writing, he is a keynote speaker and consultant to the biopharma and clinical research industries, bringing an educated patient voice as a true stakeholder in challenging healthcare’s status.
Carla Balch

Carla Balch
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Carla Balch is responsible for the overall vision and success of Inteliquet Systems. She champions Inteliquet’s mission that every patient deserves access to the latest and best treatment options and care available, which often can be found in clinical trials. She also is motivated by the belief that every employee deserves a great culture, so they have a work environment where they can be their best and most productive. Carla joined Inteliquet as President and COO in 2017 and was appointed CEO in 2018. With more than 24 years in biopharma and healthcare leadership, she leads Inteliquet’s efforts to evolve as a company, which is radically changing the trajectory of cancer patient care through pioneering software that advances the accessibility, quality and affordability of oncology for patients.

Jared Glasscock

Jarret Glasscock
Chief Executive Officer
Cofactor Genomics

Jarret Glasscock received his PhD in Molecular Genetics/Computational Biology from Washington University (USA) while working on The Human Genome project under Warren Gish. Prior to that, he studied at the University of Arizona (USA) where he received a BS in Molecular Biology with a Computer Science emphasis. Jarret led the Computational Biology group at The Genome Institute and was part of the Technology Development team prior to co-founding Cofactor Genomics. Today Jarret is the CEO of Cofactor Genomics, a company focused on developing RNA-based technologies that enable a new generation of diagnostics to make personalized medicine a reality. Jarret has been covered by Genetic Engineering News (GEN), Tech Crunch, and Wired Magazine. He is a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, International Society for Computational Biology, and is a Y Combinator Alum.

Laura Esserman
Laura Esserman
Professor, Surgery and Radiology
UCSF, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Laura J. Esserman, MD, MBA, is a professor of surgery and radiology at UCSF, where she is also director of the multidisciplinary Breast Care Center. Esserman led efforts to address harms of screening including overdiagnosis and proposed tools including the development of molecular diagnostics to help reclassify tumors as indolent lesions of epithelial origin IDLE or ultralow risk. She leads the I-SPY Trials, a groundbreaking national public–private collaboration designed to reduce the time and cost for drug development, to find the right drug for the right patient earlier in the disease course when cure is possible.

She led the creation of the University of California and now national Athena Breast Health Network, which integrates clinical care and research and follows 150,000 women from screening through treatment and outcomes. This spawned the WISDOM study to determine whether personalized screening has higher healthcare value than the standard of annual screening.


Edith Mitchell

Edith Mitchell
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Edith Peterson Mitchell is board-certified in internal medicine and medical oncology and is clinical professor and associate director for Diversity Programs and director of the Center to Eliminate Cancer Disparities for the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University.
Mitchell has spent her medical career helping individuals in medically underserved areas to realize that simple changes in lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on cancer care. Through her work, Mitchell has demonstrated the importance of community service and outreach especially to those individuals who may not have the means to seek out more conventional medical advice.
In addition to her medical achievements, Mitchell is a retired United States Air Force Brigadier General, having served as the Air National Guard Assistant to the Command Surgeon for US Transportation command and headquarters Air Mobility Command (AMC) based at the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. General Mitchell has been awarded over 15 military service medals and ribbons.

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