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OCTalks: targeting FGFR2 in advanced cholangiocarcinoma

In this episode of OCTalks, Senior Editor of Oncology Central, Rachel Jenkins, speaks to Arndt Vogel (Hannover Medical School, Germany) about targeting FGFR2 in advanced cholangiocarcinoma. They discuss the current treatment landscape for cholangiocarcinoma, the hurdles that need to be overcome to advance the field and the emergence of FGFR2 fusions as a novel therapy target.


  • The current treatment landscape for cholangiocarcinoma – 40sec
  • How can we advance second-line therapy – 3min
  •  FGFR2 fusions and ongoing clinical trials – 5min 15sec
  • The future of cholangiocarcinoma therapy – 7min 22sec

Check out Vogel’s full interview in Future Oncology here.