Pharmacogenetics and aromatase inhibitor induced side effects in breast cancer patients

This paper reviews genetic variations mainly related to the onset of adverse events during aromatase inhibitors in early breast cancer. Genetic variability could occur at different steps. The analysis included studies that involved breast cancer patients, treated with an aromatase inhibitor, genotyped for CYP19A1 and/or CYP17A1 and/or CYP27B1 and/or TCLA1, and/or RANK/RANKL/OPG and/or ESR1/ESR2, and assessed for toxicity profile. Twenty-two articles were included for the analysis. Three studies evaluated outcomes and adverse events; 19 studies assessed only side effects. Functional variations may be useful in predicting the onset of toxicities. The identification of polymorphisms at increased risk of toxicity may enable patient management. However, more data are needed to be applied in the individualization of treatment in daily practice.

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