AACR19: mesothelin targeted CAR-T cell therapy – a possible treatment for solid tumors

Written by Mike Gregg, Future Science Group

A novel CAR-T cell therapy that targets the mesothelin protein has shown no toxicity and antitumor activity in patients with malignant pleural disease from mesothelioma. The results of this Phase I clinical trial were recently presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019 (March 29–April 3, GA, USA). The researchers who conducted the trial have used their engineered CAR-T cells to treat advanced mesothelioma.  These novel CAR-T cells termed IcasM28z were engineered to target the cancer cell-surface protein, mesothelin, which is present on most cancer cells. To prevent any unexpected toxicity the CAR-T cells also include the Icaspase-9 safety “suicide” switch,...

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