The impact of COVID-19 on patients who receive stem cell transplants: an interview with Giovanna Lucchini

Written by Giovanna Lucchini (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK)

Recently, Oncology Central had the opportunity to speak with Giovanna Lucchini (Great Ormond Street Hospital; GOSH, London, UK) about Anthony Nolan‘s recently announced IMPACT trial investigating the impact of severe COVID-19 infection on stem cell transplant patients with blood cancer. Lucchini has been working at GOSH as a pediatric consultant since 2014. She qualified in pediatrics in Italy in 2012, moved to Germany for a BMT fellowship and then moved to GOSH in London. Since then she has been involved in clinical and research work in stem cell transplantation. As part of her research, Lucchini has been interested in the...

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