Health-related quality of life trajectory of treatment-naïve patients with Merkel cell carcinoma receiving avelumab

Merkel cell carcinoma

This study reported patients’ health-related quality of life (HRQoL) data from the Phase II JAVELIN Merkel 200 trial. The authors found that HRQoL scores remained relatively stable over time and when differentiating patients by progression status, ‘non-progression’ was associated with better HRQoL compared with progressive disease. Further, time-to-event analyzes found longer HRQoL deterioration-free survival compared with progression-free survival. The results of this study provide validation of previous findings reported for chemotherapy-refractory metastatic MCC patients’ HRQoL remains relatively stable during avelumab treatment, in particular in non-progressive disease. The latest research article published in Future Oncology evaluates the changes in HRQoL of...

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