Advancing the field of breast cancer: an interview with Filippo Montemurro

Written by Filippo Montemurro (Fondazione del Piemonte per l’Oncologia/Candiolo Cancer Institute, IRCCS, Italy)

Oncology Central recently interviewed Dr Filippo Montemurro, Editorial Board member of Breast Cancer Management, Director of the Multidisciplinary Oncology Outpatient Clinic at the Fondazione del Piemonte per l’Oncologia/Candiolo Cancer Institute (IRCCS; Italy) and the coordinator of the Piedmont Oncology Network Breast Cancer Working Group (Italy). During his fellowship and his professional career, Montemurro has focused on breast cancer and biologically targeted therapies for the HER2-positive subset, where he has acquired competence and international visibility. Montemurro, in collaboration with colleagues at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, has first described differences in the clinical behavior and response to treatment...

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