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Brain and neurologic

Role of cellular prion protein in neurofibromatosis 2 tumor development uncovered

Neuroblastoma detected by novel biomarker assay with increased sensitivity

Advancing immunotherapy for high-risk neuroblastoma patients: an interview with Juliet Gray


Novel tumor-targeted MRI contrast designed, based on human proteins

Analytical validation of a 12-gene molecular test for the prediction of distant recurrence in breast cancer

Adipose tissue may reduce radiotherapy efficacy in breast cancer patients


Defining a strategy for oligometastic rectal cancer: an interview with Dirk Arnold

ASCO17: Global study sets risk-based standard for chemotherapy for colon cancer

Genetic test could identify individuals at high-risk of anal cancer


Sonogram scoring system developed for thyroid nodules to reduce biopsy rates

Low survival rates observed for specific thyroid cancers following bone metastasis

Signaling pathways in medullary thyroid carcinoma: therapeutic implications


ESMO WCGI: Molecular changes along the upper digestive tract discovered

Gallbladder cancer: results achieved and future challenges

Q&A follow up – A closer look at: diet and mouth and gastrointestinal cancers


The PAZOREAL noninterventional study to assess effectiveness and safety of pazopanib and everolimus in the changing metastatic renal cell carcinoma treatment landscape

Immunotherapy for penile cancer

European Cancer Patient Coalition's 2017 pipeline - interview with Lydia Makaroff


What are the long-term benefits and harms of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing?

Renovated (nondual) approach to endometrial cancer typing: endocrine and inflammatory issues

Expression of Sialyl Lewis a, Sialyl Lewis x, Lewis y, Gal-3, Gal-7, STMN1 and p16 in cervical dysplasia

Head and neck

European Cancer Patient Coalition's 2017 pipeline - interview with Lydia Makaroff

AACR17: Immunotherapy efficacy may be influenced by the patient’s immune system

Prognostic significance of overexpressed p16INK4A in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis


T-cells lacking HDAC11 enzyme may destroy tumor cells more effectively

Invasive Aspergillosis in the Intensive Care Unit

The bone marrow transplant clinical nurse specialist in hemato-oncology: an interview with Susan Paskar


Concurrent chemo and proton therapy: A way forward for inoperable lung cancer patients?

ASCO17: Web-based reporting tool increases survival by up to 5 months

Induction of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling by sera isolated from patients with lung adenocarcinoma


Could a blood test lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer?

Novel strategies on the horizon for pancreatic cancer: an interview with Philip A Philip

Could immunotherapy efficacy be enhanced by reprogramming tumor blood vessels?


Further insight into AE37 peptide vaccination in prostate cancer

Multiparametric MRI of the prostate gland: technical aspects

Imaging on nodal staging of prostate cancer

Rare tumors

Exploring treatment options for mesothelioma: an interview with Thomas John

An update on genomic-guided therapies for pediatric solid tumors

Biomarkers - making the early detection of mesothelioma more likely


Sanger Institute series: uncovering the genetics of cancer - an interview with David Adams

US Skin Cancer Screening Guidelines: Reviews and recommendations

Indoor tanning and melanoma: are gay and bisexual men more at risk?