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Brain and neurologic

Children with incurable brain tumors could benefit from adult therapy

Scientific and regulatory challenges in development of CAR-T therapy for solid tumors

£18 million fund towards brain tumor research launched


Cause of resistance to olaparib and other PARP inhibitors identified

TAILORx: the largest ever adjuvant breast cancer treatment trial – the story so far and what’s next

Genetic test may lead to more effective chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer


Genetic fingerprints of every bowel cancer cell and bowel tumor revealed in novel study

Key genes and regulatory networks involved in the initiation, progression and invasion of colorectal cancer

Small, daily dose of Viagra may reduce colorectal cancer risk


Nivolumab + ipilimumab combo approved as first-line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma

Born to be bad: researchers identify the genetic roots of ‘killer' kidney cancers

Cyramza® meets primary endpoint of overall survival in liver cancer study


New blood test could detect eight types of cancer

Elevated expression of a pharmacologic Polycomb signature predicts poor prognosis in gastric and breast cancer

Study links NF1 mutations to GIST tumors, highlighting the need for genetic testing


NICE approves atezolizumab for advanced bladder cancer patients on the NHS

Breakthrough method to diagnose prostate cancer developed

Researchers uncover 80 potential ways of targeting prostate cancer


Cause of resistance to olaparib and other PARP inhibitors identified

FORWARD I: a Phase III study of mirvetuximab soravtansine versus chemotherapy in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer

Case report - Pembrolizumab in recurrent advanced cervical squamous carcinoma

Head and neck

New test could diagnose esophageal cancer 8 years before symptoms appear

Novel liquid biopsy shows promise for early retinoblastoma diagnosis

Head and neck cancer: is there a future for combination immunotherapy?


Management of older adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: challenges & current approaches

Scientific and regulatory challenges in development of CAR-T therapy for solid tumors

First leukemia protective Y chromosome gene discovered


AACR 2018 lung cancer advancements: how will the findings translate in clinic?

Cutting-edge minimally invasive treatment shows promise for lung cancer patients

AstraZeneca releases ARCTIC third-line NSCLC trial results


Survival and glycemic control outcomes among patients with coexisting pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitus

Smartphone app shows promise for pancreatic cancer detection

Will gemcitabine monotherapy be dethroned as the adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic adenocarcinoma?


Prostate cancer deaths are not prevented by one-off PSA screening

‘Breakthrough’ prostate cancer test could cut diagnosis time from weeks to days

Breakaway cancerous cells successfully mapped and tracked with metal detection

Rare tumors

First-in-world robot-assisted spinal surgery performed

Larotrectinib shows 93% response rate in pediatric cancer trial

Our top 5 articles on rare cancers - a note from the Editor


In Focus: skin cancer

AACR 2018: highlights and the biggest news headlines

AACR 2018: Positive data announced for KEYTRUDA® in adjuvant melanoma