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Brain and neurologic

Clinical trial reports first response of central nervous system tumor to CAR T-cells

Potential blood test shows promise for the detection of brain metastases

Genetic basis uncovered for meningioma in childhood cancer survivors


HIV, breast cancer and vaccines: what do high-profile cases reveal about stakeholder engagement in research?

Potential blood test shows promise for the detection of brain metastases

Novel sequencing method may enable personalized combination therapy of metastatic cancer


MicroRNAs as a tool to aid stratification of colorectal cancer patients and to guide therapy

Defining a strategy for oligometastic rectal cancer: an interview with Dirk Arnold

ASCO17: Global study sets risk-based standard for chemotherapy for colon cancer


Sonogram scoring system developed for thyroid nodules to reduce biopsy rates

Low survival rates observed for specific thyroid cancers following bone metastasis

Signaling pathways in medullary thyroid carcinoma: therapeutic implications


Study links NF1 mutations to GIST tumors, highlighting the need for genetic testing

ESMO WCGI: Molecular changes along the upper digestive tract discovered

Gallbladder cancer: results achieved and future challenges


The PAZOREAL noninterventional study to assess effectiveness and safety of pazopanib and everolimus in the changing metastatic renal cell carcinoma treatment landscape

Immunotherapy for penile cancer

European Cancer Patient Coalition's 2017 pipeline - interview with Lydia Makaroff


The artificial ovary: current status and future perspectives

Ten years on: the impact of the HPV vaccine in Australia

What are the long-term benefits and harms of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing?

Head and neck

European Cancer Patient Coalition's 2017 pipeline - interview with Lydia Makaroff

AACR17: Immunotherapy efficacy may be influenced by the patient’s immune system

Prognostic significance of overexpressed p16INK4A in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis


A diagnosis of lymphoma: Chris Lewis’s story

Recovery and support after a stem cell transplant: an interview with Amelia Chong

Discover overall survival data from the ENDEAVOR trial: an interview with Meletios A. Dimopoulos


Immunotherapy nivolumab given the green light by NICE for non-small cell lung cancers

OCTalks: Could nivolumab past 1 year improve progression free survival in pretreated NSCLC?

ESMO 2017: Central obesity may be a key cancer for postmenopausal women


Smartphone app shows promise for pancreatic cancer detection

Will gemcitabine monotherapy be dethroned as the adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic adenocarcinoma?

Could a blood test lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer?


Opportunities for multiparametric MRI with PI-RADS v2 to make a difference

Further insight into AE37 peptide vaccination in prostate cancer

Multiparametric MRI of the prostate gland: technical aspects

Rare tumors

ESMO 2017: Genetic testing opens up alternative treatment options for rare cancers

Exploring treatment options for mesothelioma: an interview with Thomas John

An update on genomic-guided therapies for pediatric solid tumors


ESMO 2017: Novel clinical trial data may halt melanoma metastasis

An interview with Giuseppe Argenziano: an insight into the field of dermoscopy

Sanger Institute series: uncovering the genetics of cancer - an interview with David Adams