Utilizing physician surveys to investigate treatment patterns in cancer: a peek behind the paper with Otavio Clark

Written by Otavio Clark (Kantar Health Inc., NY, USA)

Recently, we interviewed Otavio Clark (Kantar Health Inc., NY, USA), for a peek behind his recent Future Oncology paper discussing physician surveys, ‘Treatment Patterns in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in the United States: Results of the CancerMPact® Survey 2018.’ Clark is a medical oncologist with experience in epidemiology and health economics. He is Vice President of Oncology for Kantar and coordinates global projects in the oncology and rare diseases field. Find out more about the CancerMPact® project and how it can help the decision-making process for physicians below. Could you give us an overview of the CancerMPact® project and...

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