Performance of seven criteria to assess CA125 increments among ovarian cancer patients monitored during first-line chemotherapy and the post-therapy follow-up period

Aim: To investigate seven CA125 criteria to monitor progressive ovarian cancer among patients with stage IC–IV disease. Materials & methods: Four criteria were used to asses CA125 increments starting from concentrations ≥35 U/ml and three criteria to asses increments starting from concentrations <35 U/ml. Results: A total of 231 patients were allocated to CA125 monitoring. The performances of the CA125 criteria were similar with sensitivities of 30–55%, negative predictive values of 28–46%, positive predictive values of 90–100% and median lead times of 26–87 days. Conclusion: The criteria showed low sensitivity and inability to exclude progressive ovarian cancer. The study suggests that CA125 information cannot stand alone but should be considered used in conjunction with other investigative procedures.

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