Nanoformulations of a potent copper-based aquaporin inhibitor with cytotoxic effect against cancer cells

Aim: Development of liposomal formulations of Cuphen, a potent copper-based aquaporin inhibitor with therapeutic potential against melanoma and colon cancer. Materials & methods: Cuphen was incorporated into liposomes using the dehydration–rehydration method. The ability of Cuphen to induce cancer cell death was evaluated by MTS and ViaCount assays. In vivo toxicity studies were performed in BALB/c mice. Results: In vitro studies illustrated the antiproliferative effects of Cuphen in different cancer cell lines, in free form or after incorporation into liposomes. In vivo studies revealed no toxic effects after parenteral administration of Cuphen liposomes. Conclusions: Cuphen liposomes are highly attractive to be further tested in murine models due to the possibility of stabilizing and specifically deliver this metallodrug to tumor sites.

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