In Focus: Breast Cancer

The roll out of more effective and affordable screening programes alongside advancements in treatment options have resulted in declining death rates over the last few decades. Despite this, breast cancer remains the most common type of cancer in woman globally with approximately 1.5 million new cases diagnosed each year.

In this InFocus we will investigate the latest research, asks the leading experts the most pressing questions and explore breaking news.

Journal articles

Can we predict and prevent specific sites of metastases in breast cancer patients?

This editorial from Breast Cancer Management explores whether markers can be used to predict and prevent metastases at specific sites in breast cancer.

Pharmacogenetics and aromatase inhibitor induced side effects in breast cancer patients

This paper reviews genetic variations mainly related to the onset of adverse events during aromatase inhibitors in early breast cancer.

Cardiac safety of simultaneous anti-HER2 and anthracycline therapy

In this Perspective from Breast Cancer Management, the authors discuss the role of anti-HER2 agents in breast cancer and their associated toxicities.

Chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients

Risk factors, biomarkers and potential preventative strategies are dicussed in this review article on chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients.

To view more peer-reviewed journal articles our partnered journal – Breast Cancer Management.


shutterstock_674497363_cancer cellsPODCAST: OCTalks: Exploring neoadjuvant treatment options for luminal breast cancer

Listen to this podcast to discover more about the UNICANCER-NeoPAL study of letrozole and palbociclib in luminal cancer, data from which was presented at this years 2017 ESMO Congress (8–12th September, Madrid, Spain).



neuroimmunology_feature-702x336INTERVIEW: Creating virtual reality maps of tumours

In an exclusive interview, Greg Hannon from Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (UK), speaks to Oncology Central about his Grand Challenge project to create a virtual reality tumor.
Read the news piece here