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£18 million fund towards brain tumor research launched

The Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Awards have been launched in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity. The awards aim to help advance understanding about the biology of the disease and the challenges of translating discoveries into treatments.

Cancer Research UK has committed £15 million and The Brain Tumor Charity has committed £3 million to the awards. Research teams can apply for grants of up to £10 million for each project over 5 years, with up to £18 million being awarded in the first round.

Iain Foulkes (Cancer Research UK) commented: “We urgently need new insights and treatments to tackle brain tumors to improve survival. We want to attract and inspire the research community to accelerate progress for a disease that has seen few treatment options developed for patients and consequently little change in survival.”

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The awards address six major themes including; unlocking new insights into brain tumors using neuroscience, unpicking brain tumors’ biology to design more effective drugs, exploiting the brain tumor environment to make better treatments, developing more accurate ways to study brain tumors, improving brain tumor diagnosis to make treatment more personal and developing kinder treatments for brain tumors.

Foulkes added: “This is an exciting step forward in our ambition to accelerate brain tumor research. In 2014, Cancer Research UK laid out its plans to tackle the challenges in improving survival from brain tumors. Since then, the charity has substantially increased its funding into the disease and attracted some of the world’s leading experts to the UK.”

He continued: “We hope the Brain Tumour Awards will create even more capacity in the UK for brain tumor research, and we are excited to be working with The Brain Tumour Charity on this initiative. We look forward to receiving applications that push the edge of our thinking for one of the most difficult to treat cancers.”

Source: www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-us/cancer-news/press-release/2018-05-01-ps18-million-fund-to-tackle-six-biggest-themes-in-brain-tumour-research-launched-today