Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography can provide answers sooner

For a woman facing even the slightest hint of a breast cancer diagnosis, the answers can’t come soon enough. SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) from GE Healthcare provides physicians with information to help get the answers they need.

In this video you can learn how SenoBright can give answers sooner, spotlighting areas that may not be visible on a standard mammogram or ultrasound. Listen to the team at Pink Lotus talk about the power of reducing patients’ wait time after an inconclusive mammogram.

Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography can provide answers sooner

SenoBright is the first tool to use CESM technology. CESM is designed to help clinicians spot breast cancer quickly and confidently, using images that can be easily compared to the initial mammogram.

How does it work? The exam is very much like a standard mammogram. The main difference is that the exam begins with the injection of an iodine-based contrast agent, which makes any areas of increased blood supply more visible in the x-ray. Because cancer cells stimulate the development of new blood vessels, these areas may indicate that cancer is present.

CESM then generates images of the breast using two different x-ray energy levels, and digitally combines the images. The resulting image hides dense breast tissue – the white areas – from view, and highlights any areas with increased blood supply.

The SenoBright exam takes less than 10 minutes, and the resulting image is designed to give clinicians the information needed to make a more confident diagnosis and decide whether or not you’ll need a biopsy.