Practical Clinical Aspects of Immuno-oncology 2017 – Watch on demand


Welcome to our inaugural immuno-oncology symposium

Immunotherapy is a huge and still-emerging area within oncology, which is having a significant impact on the way patients with certain malignancies are being treated. Within recent weeks, the American Society of Clinical Oncology named cancer immunotherapy as their clinical Advance of the Year for a second consecutive year, highlighting its continuing importance in changing the face of cancer care.

At the end of June, Oncology Central hosted a free 2-day online educational symposium. If you missed the event, you can watch the talks on demand by using the links below.

In a series of talks and discussions delivered over two consecutive afternoons by key opinion leaders, we reviewed the current status of immunotherapy in the clinic, while also covering key areas such as rational combinations of immunotherapies with other therapies and management of therapy-related toxicities. We also looked at optimization of these therapies; looking into the need for better biomarkers of response, discussing resistance and also asked what is next for immuno-oncology.

You can watch all of the talks on demand below.

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