Future Oncology

We have seen and will continue to see dramatic changes within the field of oncology. Whilst the burden of disease is set to increase, the available armamentarium to the oncologist will be greater, more robust and offer the potential to focus on individual needs. Future Oncology (ISSN 1479-6694) provides a forum for a new era of cancer care. The journal focuses on the most important advances and highlights their relevance in the clinical setting. Furthermore, Future Oncology delivers essential information in concise, at-a-glance article formats – vital in delivering information to an increasingly time-constrained community.

The journal takes a forward-looking stance toward the scientific and clinical issues, together with the economic, policy and real world issues that confront us in this new era of cancer care. The journal includes literature awareness such as the latest developments in radiotherapy and immunotherapy, concise commentary and analysis, and full review articles all of which provide key findings, translational to the clinical setting.

Topics addressed include:

  • Profiles of new anticancer agents
  • Protocols of on-going studies
  • Selective and ‘personalized’ approaches
  • Clinical implications and applications for new immunotherapies, radiotherapies and biomarkers
  • Integration of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • Impact of molecular genetics on prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment
  • Screening programs and methodology
  • Biological processes involved in cancer and how new understanding will impact treatment
  • Current debates on policy and treatment guidelines
  • Real world data and outcomes research

The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals.