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Oncology Central Spotlights draw together the top content on a hot topic over a period of 2 months. Previous Spotlights have covered topics as diverse as cancer stem cells, immuno-oncology, and circulating tumor cells.

Biosimilars in oncology

featureThe escalating cost of cancer care has made biosimilars an increasingly attractive alternative. With more biosimilars set to be approved this year, clinicians are increasingly facing the dilemma of whether to consider replacing their existing generic drugs.  This  spotlight will focus on the biosimilar development and evaluation process, look at what resources are available to clinicians deciding whether to use biosimilars and weigh up the potential cost benefits and regulatory challenges.

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Interventional oncology

featureMuch of the available literature discussing the topic defines interventional oncology as the fourth pillar of cancer therapy, where it stands alongside medical, surgical and radiation oncology. This Spotlight will take an overarching view and aim to review this discipline from benchside to bedside. Join us as we discover more about the potential of these minimally invasive interventions and their current relevance in the clinic, and look to the future of the field.

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Cancer and the immune system

consoleCancer immunotherapy is arguably one of the biggest developments and one of the hottest topic within oncology at the moment, as immunotherapeutic agents continue to demonstrate efficacy in a wide range of malignancies. This Spotlight reviews the intricacies of how cancer cells and immune cells interact, looks at the escape mechanisms that cancers employ to evade an antitumor immune response and explores the story behind some of the novel immunotherapy agents that have been developed to reverse this immune evasion.

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Cancer stem cells

consoleAs has been proven, cancer does not simply consist of one type of cell; rather tumors can be made up of a heterogeneous collection of cells with varying phenotypes. It has been proposed that only a small subpopulation of the cells making up a tumor hold any tumorigenic potential – namely cancer stem cells (CSCs). The CSC model proposes that these cells renew and sustain the tumor in a background of nontumorigenic cells, driving therapy resistance, recurrence and enabling metastatic spread. This Spotlight investigates the role CSCs play in cancer and their implications in therapy development.

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Circulating tumor cells

consoleThe field of liquid biopsy in cancer has generated significant interest over the past decade and this interest continues to build, as it offers the potential to simply and accurately isolate and analyze key biomarkers for personalizing cancer therapy. Within liquid biopsy, the detection and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) – the ‘needle in the haystack’ circulating epithelial cells originating from tumors – is an active area of research.

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