Future Oncology Vol. No. | Review

Use of real-world evidence for oncology clinical decision making in emerging economies


ThisĀ review, which has been recently published in our partner journalĀ Future Oncology, identifies the benefits and major barriers associated with use of real-world evidence (RWE) for oncology clinical decision making in emerging economies. Furthermore, the authors of this review provide a call to action that includes pragmatic solutions that may address the underlying barriers that prevent further RWE adoption in emerging economies. The findings and recommendations provided within this review are based on oncology expert experience and research pertaining to RWE oncology studies conducted in emerging economies.


RWE can provide insights into patient profiles, disease detection, treatment choice, dosing strategies, treatment sequencing, adverse event management and financial toxicity associated with oncology treatment. However, the full potential of RWE is untapped in emerging economies due to structural and behavioral factors. Structural barriers include lack of regulatory engagement, real-world data (RWD) availability, and quality and integrity. Behavioral barriers include entrenched healthcare professional behaviors that impede rapid RWE understanding and adoption. These barriers can be addressed with close collaboration of healthcare stakeholders; of whom, regulators need to be at the forefront given their ability to facilitate use of RWE in healthcare policy and legislation.

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