Future Oncology Vol. 16 No. 23 | Research Article

The clinical training centers fellowships: a European School of Oncology career development program (2013–2019)


Aim: This article refers to the European School of Oncology Clinical Training Centers (CTCs) program, which is a granted Fellowships program dedicated to young oncologists in training. Materials & methods: A total of 74 fellowships were offered by several CTCs during the last 7 years. Candidates were enrolled for 3–6 months of training rotations as fellows or observers in more than 30 training programs in well known Cancer Centers around Europe. Fellowships were covering medical, surgical, radiation and pediatric oncology specialties, laboratory diagnostic training and experimental, translational and clinical research. Fellows originated from Europe, Latin America and Mediterranean Africa. Results: Analysis of the questionnaire assessment showed that 95.5% of the fellows evaluated CTC programs with an ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ score, while 100% declare that they had reached their objectives. Conclusion: The European School of Oncology CTC program designed for an additional practical education abroad meets the needs of young oncologists.

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