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Future Oncology Vol. No. | Research Article

Real-world association of HER2/ERBB2 concordance with trastuzumab clinical benefit in advanced esophagogastric cancer



This research article, recently published in our partner journal Future Oncology, evaluates the association of concordance between HER2 status and ERBB2 amplification with clinical benefit from 1L of trastuzumab for patients with advanced esophagogastric cancer (advEGC) treated in routine oncology practice. In addition, the authors examined the frequency of co-occurring genomic alterations associated with lack of trastuzumab benefit and explored associations between quantitative ERBB2 copy number alterations and clinical benefit for patients treated with trastuzumab. The study used the US-based de-identified Flatiron Health-Foundation Medicine EGC clinico-genomic database (FH-FMI CGDB) and 752 individuals with advEGC were selected for the analysis cohort. Overall HER2/ERBB2 concordance was 87.5% among HER2-tested patients with advEGC, which was driven by negative agreement. Patients with concordant (HER2+/ERBB2 amplification+) results had significantly longer time to treatment discontinuation and overall survival versus patients with discordant (HER2+/ERBB2 amplification-) results. Finally, the authors also observed that higher ERBB2 copy number may predict trastuzumab benefit. The findings from this study suggest that next-generation sequencing may have clinical value as a complement to traditional HER2 testing and warrant further investigation.

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