Future Oncology Vol. 16 No. 20 | Research Article

Fighting cancer in coronavirus disease era: organization of work in medical oncology departments in Emilia Romagna region of Italy


Aim: To assess the measures applied to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the timing of their application in medical oncology departments. Materials & methods: We surveyed all medical oncology departments from the Italian Emilia Romagna region via a multidomain questionnaire. The questions covered items on patients, healthcare workers, risk reduction measure and clinical trials. Results: A total of 12 centers involving 861 healthcare members joined the survey. The measures applied to patients and health workers partially converged in all the departments while major divergences were found in the clinical trials domain. High rate of COVID-19 infection occurred among medical doctors (21/208, 10.1%) and social care workers (13/110, 11.8%). Rate of infection among nurses was 5.7% (24/418). Conclusion: All measures able to reduce risk of COVID-19 infection must be applied in medical oncology departments. Early introduction of risk reduction measures may be a critical issue.

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