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A dog’s 3D printed implant shows potential for cancer surgeries

In a story that has made headlines on a global scale, a collaborative effort between veterinary surgeons, researchers and engineers has successfully designed, developed and fitted a titanium plate to a dachshund’s skull in an operation to remove a large cancerous tumor.

“The technology has grown so quickly, and to be able to offer this incredible, customized, state-of-the-art plate in one of our canine patients was really amazing,” commented Michelle Oblak, Assistant Co-Director of the Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation (University of Guelph; ON, Canada).

Oblak is working with canine models for human cancer, utilizing rapid prototyping for advance planning for surgeries and 3D printed implants for reconstruction.

“In human medicine, there is a lag in use of the available technology while regulations catch up. By performing these procedures in our animal patients, we can provide valuable information that can be used to show the value and safety of these implants for humans. These implants are the next big leap in personalized medicine that allows for every element of an individual’s medical care to be specifically tailored to their particular needs.”

Read the full news story on 3DMedNet.




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