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A road to research: top tips from an early career researcher


In the back passenger seat of the small family car, we were stopped at the traffic light before turning into Asda for the weekly family shop. In front of us was a billboard. Having read the billboard, my innocent 9-year-old self asks my parents “What is cancer?” To which my mum turns around from the front seat to face me and my younger sister in the back and reply, “When you get cancer, you die” That wasn’t the answer I was expecting, nor wanted but upon further probing of my mum, it became clear to me she didn’t have the answer. But I kept my eyes and focus on the billboard. It was from Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest cancer research charity. In that moment, all I knew was there was a big problem, there were people trying to solve it, but it’s not been solved yet. And I wanted to do something about it.

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