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Capturing CancerCapturing Cancer: Oncology Central Photography Competition

Get your cameras ready for the first Capturing Cancer: Oncology Central Photography Competition! This is your opportunity to share your photos that illustrate cutting-edge research and discoveries being made in the field of oncology.

shutterstock_369119624Exploring ACALM and the role of big data in oncology

Find out about the of role big data in personalized medicine, the development of ACALM and how this methodology could help predict cancer patient outcomes in our latest interview.

acute_lymphoblastic_leukemia_bloodcancerFirst-time evidence that individuals at risk of developing AML can be identified, years before diagnosis

An international group of researchers have discovered that analyzing blood tests for changes in the DNA code can identify individuals at high risk of developing acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) years before diagnosis.

cancer_immunotherapy_immunooncologyDeciding when to stop immunotherapy: exploring KEYNOTE-006 data

Choosing when to stop immunotherapy is an extremely difficult decision process – in this blog piece melanoma survivor T.J. Sharpe shares his thoughts on the recent KEYNOTE-006 data.

best ASCO 2018 key talksBest of ASCO18: key takeaways & the practice-changing talks
Presentations from this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO, 1–5 June 2018, IL, USA) unearthed a wealth of exciting data across the oncology spectrum. We have brought together our top takeaways from the 5 days of ASCO 2018.

ASCO_update_oncologyASCO18: Day 1 update
Today marked the first day of ASCO 2018, here in Chicago. The conference has already been packed with new advancements and data from studies that could significantly impact clinical practice within oncology. Take a look at some of our highlights.

brain scan tumorGlioblastoma vaccine yields promising interim survival results in Phase III trial
Interim blinded survival data has been released from the Phase III clinical trial of an autologous dendritic cell vaccine in newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients; early findings from the 11-year study involving more than 300 individuals worldwide demonstrates promising survival results.

Tumor-cells-under-microscope-labeled-fluorescent-molecules-173060633Novel strategy for overcoming drug resistance in testicular cancer
Researchers recently discovered that men with testicular germ cell tumors could benefit from a new combination of treatments if their chemotherapy stops working; we spoke with study lead Janet Shipley to find out exclusive details of this exciting study.

thumbInternational Women’s Day: A day in the life of… a cancer researcher
To mark International Women’s Day we recently spoke with Victoria Sanz Moreno from Kings College London (UK) to find out what inspired her to get into cancer research.

industry newsKeytruda wows again; olaparib approval; CELESTIAL data: industry news round-up
From clinical trial results to major drug approvals, here we present an overview of the latest industry news from the biggest players in oncology.

Breast tumor cancerPreventing unnecessary breast cancer treatment: an interview with Jelle Wesseling
Right now, doctors can’t tell whether women with DCIS will go on to develop breast cancer. This means that, unfortunately, some women with DCIS undergo unnecessary treatment. Find out how Jelle and his team are looking to change this.

cancer cells floatingOur top oncology content of 2017 – a note from the Editor
Would you like to discover exclusive content from the hottest topics in oncology? Editor, Jade Parker, highlights Oncology Centrals top content in this report.

Green blue virus 3DOncolytic virotherapy before surgery sensitizes TNBC to checkpoint therapy
Researchers have demonstrated that neoadjuvant oncolytic virotherapy before surgery sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) to immune checkpoint therapy.




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