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Seven challenges in immuno-oncology


Over the past decade immunotherapy has become a game changer in oncology; from ipilimumab improving survival and delay disease progression in advanced melanoma patients to the recent approval of the PARP inhibitor olaparib for BRCA breast cancer. Despite this success, it is only effective and/or available to a small percentage of patients. There are still many hurdles to overcome in order to make this revolutionary treatment modality available to a greater number of patients.

1Efficacy is often unpredictable

So far we have observed dramatic effects in some patients treated with cancer immunotherapies. However, many of these immunotherapies have only exhibited efficacy in a select group of cancers and often in a minority of patients with those cancers.

Earlier in the year we explored the biology behind variations in immunotherapy; evaluated whether efficacy can be enhanced by reprogramming tumor blood vessels and highlighted research from AACR demonstrating the important role that immune cells in the microenvironment play in how patients respond to immunotherapy.

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