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Cervical cancer – top content round-up

To mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Week we have collated our most-popular cervical cancer content. Highlights include breaking news, peer-reviewed research and opinion pieces from key opinion leaders. Scroll down for a visual snapshot of the disease in an exclusive infographic!

Berry boost shows promise as a radiosensitizer for treating cervical cancer

Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine (MO, USA) have discovered that the addition of blueberry extract improves the success rate of radiation therapy in cervical cancer patients. Recently published in Pathology & Oncology Research, the findings of this study provide a potential treatment strategy. Read more here.

HPV vaccination means women only need three cervical screens in a lifetime, study suggests

A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London (UK) have reported that women may only need three cervical screens in their lifetime if they have been given the HPV vaccine. The findings were recently published in the International Journal of Cancer. Discover further details here.

What are the long-term benefits and harms of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing? 

In this observational study, researchers wanted to discover the long-term benefits and harms of HPV testing among women with cytology showing atypical squamous cells of an undetermined significance. The team demonstrated that utilizing HPV testing after abnormal cytology leads to an earlier and more complete detection of high-grade CIN lesions, however, this comes at the expense of more biopsies and loop electrosurgical excision procedures.  More details here.


Ten years on: the impact of the HPV vaccine in Australia

In 2017, every woman in Australia aged 37 years and younger is already better protected against HPV than ever before – this is a huge milestone and a truly remarkable feat. How was this achieved and what hurdles still exist? Find out in this exclusive opinion piece.

Deregulated miRNAs in human cervical cancer: functional importance and potential clinical use

In this review article from Future Oncology find out about the potential clinical applications of deregulated miRNAs, a group of small noncoding RNAs that could post-transcriptionally modulate the expression of specific genes and participate in the initiation and progression of multiple diseases including cervical cancer.

How can we achieve HPV control in Europe?

Read about how we might achieve HPV control in Europe in a discussion from experts at the Medical University of Vienna in this Editorial from Future Virology.


We have explored some of the key facts about cervical cancer and its incidence, risk factors and management, and translated these into our new and exclusive summary infographic below. Take a look now to gain a visual snapshot of the current status of this disease.





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