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#OCTalks rectal cancer: top down, bottom up, robotic, laparoscopic or open with David Jayne


In this interview Roshaine Wijayatunga (Senior Editor: Oncology) speaks with David Jayne about colorectal surgery in regards to the development, application and evaluation of new surgical technologies.

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  1. What led to your interest in coloproctology and surgery?
  2. How have you seen this field advance through your career – particularly with the improvement of technology and robotics?
  3. You have many research interests, including the development, application and evaluation of new surgical technologies. You are also the Clinical Director for an NIHR Healthcare Technologies Corporative. What is the aim of this Cooperative and what are you specific roles?
  4. You co-hosted the session at NCRI this year on ‘rectal cancer: top down, bottom up, robotic, laparoscopic or open?’ How fierce is the debate in this area? Can you please tell us a little about the points presented and discussed during this session?
  5. With the continued advancement of medical robotics and computer assisted surgery, how do you see the field of colorectal surgery evolving in the next 5-10 years?


David Jayne is Professor of Surgery at the University of Leeds and a Consultant General Surgeon at St. James’s University Hospital. He has a specialist interest in laparoscopic and minimal access surgery and is one of the few surgeons in the UK with experience in surgical robotics for abdominal disorders. He also has an interest in pelvic floor dysfunction, including the treatment of faecal incontinence and constipation. David has an active research interest in both these areas of surgical practice, which has led to the publication of many original research papers and two books. He sits on several NIHR funding bodies, is Clinical Director for the NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative in Colorectal Therapies, and Co-Director for the NIHR Global Health Research Group in Surgical Technologies.  [/userpro_private]





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