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Advancing immunotherapy for high-risk neuroblastoma patients: an interview with Juliet Gray

The European Commission has recently approved dinutuximab beta for high risk neuroblastoma patients over the age of 12 months, making it the only approved immunotherapy in Europe for this group of patients. In this exclusive interview with Oncology Central, Juliet Gray from the University of Southampton (UK) tells us about the impact this approval may have and provides her insights into the field of immuno-oncology.
  1. Could you tell us about the clinical significance that the approval of dinutuximab beta may have for high risk neuroblastoma patients?

Neuroblastoma is one of the commoner childhood cancers, and usually affects very young children, mostly under 5 years of age. Unfortunately in the majority of children the disease has metastasised by the time of diagnosis, and outcome is poor despite intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Immunotherapy with ant-GD2 monoclonal antibody therapy has been shown to improve outcome in these children. In the last 5 years, the majority of children in the UK and Europe with high risk neuroblastoma have received this antibody as part a trial run by the European Neuroblastoma Research network (SIOPEN) , and it is now considered part of the standard of care for these tumours. We therefore welcome the fact that it is now approved for use in these children.

2. This immunotherapy has been extensively investigated in clinical trials, with over 1000 patients having received the treatment to date. Can you give us an overview of the main findings of the latest clinical trial for dinutuximab beta?

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