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Advancing stem cell transplantation – an interview with the Scientific Director of Anthony Nolan


Anthony Nolan is a pioneering charity that matches individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who require lifesaving transplants.

The charity also conducts world-class research into stem cell matching and transplants to ensure every person in need gets the best possible treatment.

Editor, Jade Parker recently spoke with Anthony Nolan’s Scientific Director, Alejandro Madrigal.

In this exclusive interview find out about:

  • Anthony Nolan’s research strategy
  • Breakthroughs in cancer research that have aided the advancement of stem cell transplantation
  • How third-generation sequencing for HLA typing may improve donor-recipient matching
  • Obstacles that present the most significant problems for improving outcomes for leukaemia patients
  • The direction that Alejandro Madrigal envisions Anthony Nolan’s research will take in the coming years



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