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Biosimilars at work: Access. Experience. Science.


Biosimilar medicines are a part of today’s therapeutic armamentarium – a “must-have weaponry” and a “catalyst for equal access” for physicians [1]. They have a track record of delivered healthcare benefits over the years.

Armed with over 10 years of positive clinical experience, physicians and patients are now focusing conversations on the long-term future of biosimilars, exploring how best to introduce biosimilar medicines in medical practice and ensure feedback in the post-authorisation phase.

So, what are the important questions remaining to be addressed?

Inform. Educate. Connect the dots.

In the EU, the regulatory and legal systems make nearly all scientific and regulatory information submitted to regulatory authorities by pharmaceutical companies available to the public e.g. European Public Assessment Reports (EPARs). Have you ever used a search engine for ‘biosimilar’? One thing for sure is that there is a plethora of available information on biosimilar medicines. The top search results are, however, not those one would expect nor perhaps recommend.

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7Julie Maréchal-Jamil is the Director Biosimilars Policy and Science at Medicines for Europe, the trade organization representing the generic, biosimilar and value added medicines. She leads the Biosimilar Medicines Group which gathers leading companies in the field with a view to foster enhanced access to biosimilar medicines for patients who need them. She also engages with a wide spectrum of healthcare stakeholders to raise understanding, trust and acceptance – key enablers for increased medical use of these life savings therapies.  The sector group’s objective is to promote better health thanks to better access to modern therapies for patients, contributing to the long-term sustainability of the healthcare system in the EU Member States while promoting efficient science-based regulatory framework and win-win gains through health policies.

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