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Early salvage radiation therapy post-prostatectomy: key considerations


Post-prostatectomy radiotherapy (RT) is commonly employed to maximize oncologic outcomes in patients with pathologic adverse features (adjuvant RT]) or to treat men with prostate-specific antigen or local recurrence after initial observation (salvage RT [SRT]). Randomized controlled trials have been unable to compare adjuvant RT versus SRT; however, there is growing retrospective evidence that observation and early SRT (eSRT) may be a suitable. The issue of patient selection is crucial; several clinical tools and some newer biomarker-based tools might help in this process. Moreover, the optimal prostate-specific antigen threshold for eSRT, the RT dose, the irradiation field and the use of hormonal therapy are still open questions. In this article, we review the current literature on eSRT and provide some insights on what’s happening for the future.

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