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Intralesional treatment for advanced melanoma: what’s on the horizon?


Advances in treatment of melanoma with systemic immunotherapies continue, with promising findings for anti-PD-1 agents combined with ipilimumab. Still, an unmet need persists because of populations ineligible for systemic immunotherapies, incomplete cure/response rates, toxicities and extreme costs. Also, potential for effective use of intralesional therapies remains, especially for local regional disease, but also for benefits of local ablation and adjuvant systemic host tumor-specific responses. Clinical trials of T-VEC, PV-10, CAVATAK and electroporation with plasmid IL-12 have demonstrated favorable, durable responses. Initial experience combining T-VEC, the agent furthest along in testing, with ipilimumab revealed higher complete and overall response rates than with either agent alone. Intralesional therapies may offer a treatment tool in the growing therapeutic armamentarium against this lethal disease.

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