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As has been proven, cancer does not simply consist of one type of cell; rather tumors can be made up of a heterogeneous collection of cells with varying phenotypes. It has been proposed that only a small subpopulation of the cells making up a tumor hold any tumorigenic potential – namely cancer stem cells (CSCs). The CSC model proposes that these cells renew and sustain the tumor in a background of nontumorigenic cells, driving therapy resistance, recurrence and enabling metastatic spread.

Researchers are increasingly investigating the presence and characteristics of these CSC populations within various tumor types, in the hope of developing therapies that specifically target these cancer-sustaining cells and significantly reduce tumor viability.

Over the coming weeks, we will be carrying out a Spotlight on CSCs on Oncology Central, further investigating the role CSCs play in cancer and their implications in therapy development. We will be highlighting key headlines and journal content discussing the topic, and featuring exclusive content from experts in the field.

Below you can find information on all the content associated with this Spotlight – we’ll be adding to it frequently, so be sure to keep checking back.

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