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How can we achieve HPV control in Europe?

How can we achieve HPV control in Europe?

The upcoming year 2016 will be marked by two significant events: the ninevalent HPV vaccine will be available in Europe and The Netherlands will be the first country to implement primary HPV screening for the precursors of cervical cancer.

Europe has a substantial burden of HPV-related disease. More than 44,000 new cases of HPV-related anogenital cancers affect men and women in Europe annually [1]. In addition, more than 15,000 new cases of mainly HPV-16-related oropharyngeal cancer affect predominantly males. The estimation of genital precancer is in the order of 300,000 or more annual cases. Genital warts are a substantial limitation in the sexual wellbeing; probably more than 800,000 new cases are diagnosed in European females and males every year [2].

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