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Year in review – top 2015 articles on Oncology Central

2016 is here and to kick off the year we’ve taken some time to look back at 2015 on Oncology Central, reviewing which of the year’s content our audience found most engaging.
Below you can find a full round up of the most read articles of the year – a diverse collection covering many areas of the broad field of oncology including immunotherapy, radiotherapy and personalized medicine. Have you read them yet? Catch up on 2015 on the OC now and feel free to leave us your comments.
A primer on combining radiation and immunotherapy

Radiation-driven immunotherapy is an active area of cancer research. This opinion article, written exclusively for Oncology Central by Ambassador Steven Finkelstein of 21st Century Oncology (AZ, USA), discusses the use of combined radiation and immunotherapy to provide increased therapeutic benefit for patients.

Strategies for combining immunotherapy with radiation for anticancer therapy

Alongside the above opinion piece, this peer-reviewed article from Immunotherapy addresses the same topic, examining potential strategies for combining immunotherapy and radiation therapy, with an aim of promoting a synergistic anticancer effect.

Targeting metabolic pathways: why are we missing a trick in cancer treatment?

Written exclusively for Oncology Central, this opinion piece discusses the emerging evidence suggesting that agents that impact cancer cell metabolism, such as statins and doxycycline, could be of potential benefit if taken alongside conventional cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Beyond Wires: Overcoming the Challenges of Breast Tumor Localization

This white paper published by Oncology Central discusses the use of the SAVI SCOUT® surgical guidance system for the surgical localization of non-palpable breast tumors.

Repurposing drugs in your medicine cabinet: untapped opportunities for cancer therapy?

Could there be potential therapeutic gold in our existing noncancer drug supply? This Future Oncology editorial article highlights the significance of repurposing noncancer drugs in our existing armamentarium for oncology.

Past, present and future targets for immunotherapy in ovarian cancer

Cancer immunotherapy underwent somewhat of a coming of age in 2015 – what is its potential in ovarian cancer? This Immunotherapy paper reviews the different immunotherapies available for ovarian cancer as well as ongoing studies and potential future directions for treatments.

Anti-PD1 and anti-PD-L1 in the treatment of metastatic melanoma

Continuing on the theme of immunotherapy, this review article from our partner journal Melanoma Management discusses the widening use of PD-1 and PD-L1 as novel immunotherapy targets in the treatment of metastatic melanoma.

Changing the philosophy of stem cell transplantation for cancer cure not treatment

This exclusive interview with Professor Shimon Slavin (International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy, Tel Aviv, Israel) was very well received by Oncology Central members. Read more about his innovative work in stem cell transplantation and donor lymphocyte infusion, with the ultimate aim of curing cancer patients.

How blood cancer research is leading the way

In this excellent opinion piece, written for Oncology Central to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Matt Kaiser of the UK charity Bloodwise walks us through the history of blood cancer research, highlighting eight different areas in which research into hematologic malignancies has enabled momentum towards breakthroughs in many other areas of medicine.

Personalized medicine in pancreatic cancer: the revolution has begun

How can we translate the progress that has been made in understanding the genomic landscape of pancreatic cancer into adapted personalized therapy in the clinic? Discover more on the opportunities for personalizing pancreatic cancer therapy in this popular Personalized Medicine review article, which highlights the need for both the establishment of high-quality biobanks and future molecularly driven clinical trials.

Epigenetic alterations in cancer and personalized cancer treatment

This article provides an overview of epigenetics alterations in cancer and the possibility of therapeutic strategies emerging to reverse these temporary changes.




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