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Targeting metabolic pathways: why are we missing a trick in cancer treatment?

A new route to effective cancer treatment is emerging from research showing impressive results from drug cocktails of immunotherapy and metabolic medicines alongside conventional chemotherapy.

The evidence from a growing number of studies suggests that using this approach to interfere with the abnormal metabolic pathways used by cancer cells could dramatically boost the efficacy of the current generation of precisely targeted and hugely expensive first-line cancer treatments.

The agents that could have this additional effect include statins, metformin, doxycycline and mebendazole – not drugs normally associated with an oncologist’s armory, but ones that appear to work on metabolic pathways that are common to most cancerous growths.

This drug combination has been demonstrated to interfere simultaneously with a number of proteins or signaling pathways. The effect is to kill cancer cells, prevent their multiplication or reprogram them to behave like healthy cells.

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