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Photoacoustic mammography: prospects and promises


Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring malignancy in women, and the leading cause of cancer death, with up to 0.5 million mortalities in 2008 [1]. The strategy to reduce breast cancer deaths is by early detection, reliable diagnosis and effective treatments. The standard imaging modality for breast cancer detection by screening asymptomatic women is x-ray imaging. Diagnosis is performed after the triple assessment of x-ray mammography, ultrasonography and biopsy. MRI is used in specific problem-solving situations, such as when contradictory results are obtained from x-ray and ultrasound images. x-ray mammography is capable of producing 2D projection images with a high spatial resolution. However, x-ray mammography, besides possessing ionizing hazards and requiring painful breast compression, is less sensitive in dense breasts [2].

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