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Applicability of self-obtained urine and vaginal samples for HPV-16, -18, -31 and -45 cervical cancer screening in pregnancy: a pilot cross-sectional study


Aim: To conduct a pilot cross-sectional study to evaluate the rates of detection of four common high-risk HPV (hr-HPV) types using first-void urine paired with vaginal self-obtained samples in a nonvaccinated population of pregnant women. We also aimed to compare these results with a matched nonpregnant group in order to test the applicability of self-sampled hr-HPV cervical cancer screening during antenatal visits. Materials & methods: Samples from 550 pregnant women were subjected to hr-HPV-16, -18, -31 and -45 type detection by inhouse PCR and compared with 250 paired urine, vaginal and cervical samples from an age-matched cohort of nonpregnant women.

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