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0Clinical RNA sequencing in oncology: where are we?

In this article, the authors outline their expectations for growth in RNA-based cancer diagnostics, particularly in immune oncology, and argue that those same forces that brought DNA sequencing into clinical laboratories – falling sequencing costs and a rapidly growing list of actionable markers – will lead to emergence of clinical RNA sequencing, despite the challenges.

Brain and neurologic

Exploiting molecular biology for diagnosis and targeted management of pediatric low-grade gliomas

Does valproic acid affect tumor growth and improve survival in glioblastomas?

Systemic therapies in the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer brain metastases


Study identifies two genes that may be linked to breast cancer survival

Current use of combined HRT could increase the risk of breast cancer almost three fold

Estrogen-deprivation therapy demonstrated to alter mutations in ER-positive breast cancer


DNA methylation patterns as noninvasive biomarkers and targets of epigenetic therapies in colorectal cancer

Combining curcumin and silymarin could hold promise in colon cancer

Metastatic colorectal cancer: markers to inform treatment selection


The role of epigenetics and long noncoding RNA MIAT in neuroendocrine prostate cancer

Targeting PI3K isoform shows therapeutic promise in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

New treatment hopes for patients with inoperable neuroendocrine cancers?


Linking lifestyle factors and esophageal cancer risk – interview with Susannah Brown

Safety and efficacy of regorafenib determined in Phase III liver cancer trial

Current advances in targeted therapies for metastatic gastric cancer: improving patient care


Metabolism genes may embody marker of response to nivolumab in renal cell carcinoma

Systemic therapy for metastatic bladder cancer in 2016 and beyond

New research could help personalize treatment in early bladder cancer


Ovarian cancer: SOX2 & SIK2 may represent novel diagnostic marker/therapeutic target

Should older women be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, too?

BRCA1 gene may increase serous endometrial cancer risk

Head and neck

Induction chemotherapy for head and neck cancer: is there still a role?

US FDA grant approval of pembrolizumab for advanced head & neck cancer

Salivary epigenetic biomarkers in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas


Secondary acute myeloid leukemia in survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma

Conjugate therapy shows promise in killing acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells

Biomarkers of susceptibility following benzene exposure: influence of genetic polymorphisms on benzene metabolism and health effects


Need for regular lung cancer screening in high-risk individuals highlighted by researchers

Potential new therapeutic target discovered for adenocarcinomas of the lung

Novel therapeutic target identified in KRAS-driven lung cancer


Unique pancreatic cancer cell survival mechanism uncovered

Researchers fight to tackle pancreatic cancer’s resistance to personalized medicine

Developments in miRNA gene signaling pathways in pancreatic cancer


Study suggests method to individualize treatment in metastatic prostate cancer

ProCA1.GRPR: a new imaging agent in cancer detection

The role of epigenetics and long noncoding RNA MIAT in neuroendocrine prostate cancer

Rare tumors

Low-dose brachytherapy strategies to treat uveal melanoma: is less more?

Should clinical trials be approached differently for rare cancers?

Novel targets for natural killer/T-cell lymphoma immunotherapy


Circular RNA expression in basal cell carcinoma

Improved survival reported for melanoma patients treated with combination ipilimumab and local therapies

Predictors of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte efficacy in melanoma