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Brain and neurologic

ASCO16: Tandem autologous stem cell transplant could improve neuroblastoma survival

Recurrent multiple CNS hemangioblastomas with VHL disease treated with pazopanib: a case report and literature review

Gene signature indicative of survival identified in glioblastoma


Hypofractionated whole-breast irradiation equivalent to conventional therapy in early stage disease, study suggests

Cardiac safety of simultaneous anti-HER2 and anthracycline therapy

ASCO16: Breast cancer recurrence reduced with 10 years of hormone therapy


Cost–effectiveness in colorectal cancer: challenges on quality and comparability

Metformin use may lower risk of cancer among postmenopausal women with diabetes

Colorectal cancer – coffee consumption associated with reduced risk?


New treatment hopes for patients with inoperable neuroendocrine cancers?

Risk-stratified follow-up of patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma

The challenge of managing adrenocortical carcinoma: two case studies


Current advances in targeted therapies for metastatic gastric cancer: improving patient care

Tumors may resist treatment by ‘stealing’ blood vessels

The clinical role of ‘liquid biopsy’ in hepatocellular carcinoma


New research could help personalize treatment in early bladder cancer

FGFR3 and Cyclin D3 as urine biomarkers of bladder cancer recurrence

ASCO16: Anti-PD-L1 therapy shows promising results in patients with advanced bladder cancer


Fertility-sparing surgery in epithelial ovarian cancer

AACR16: Genomic profiling could advance research for poorly responsive gynecologic cancers

Metformin use may lower risk of cancer among postmenopausal women with diabetes

Head and neck

Novel targets for natural killer/T-cell lymphoma immunotherapy

Professor Jan Vermorken discusses the impact of new data on the standard-of-care treatment for recurrent/metastatic head and neck cancer

Dr Lisa Licitra discusses the current and future treatment landscape in recurrent/metastatic head and neck cancer


Personalized medicine may result in better outcomes for cancer patients

Infographic: Pixantrone–rituximab versus gemcitabine–rituximab in relapsed/refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma

BET inhibitors reduce tumor growth via apoptosis


Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase gene fusions: another opportunity for targeting in lung cancer

Detecting the return of lung cancer with a single breath

ASCO16: Antibody drug conjugate demonstrates promising efficacy in small-cell lung cancer patients


Specific mouth bacteria linked to increased pancreatic cancer risk

AACR16: Could pancreatic cancer be treated with engineered T cells?

Immune-stimulating combination promotes response in locally advanced pancreatic cancer


Differences in metabolic pathways in castration resistant prostate cancer and androgen-dependent prostate cancer may lead to new therapies

New light shed on initiation of metastasis in prostate cancer

Immunosuppressive prostate cancer therapies may promote relapse

Rare tumors

Novel targets for natural killer/T-cell lymphoma immunotherapy

Personalized cancer therapy for soft tissue sarcomas: progress and pitfalls

The Rare Tumor Initiative in the National Cancer Institute: Harnessing expertise and existing resources to better develop therapies for rare tumors


Predictors of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte efficacy in melanoma

Advanced melanoma patient in remission 5 years after combination immunotherapies

The role of radiation therapy in the management of cutaneous melanoma